Academic News

Tardy, Outdoor School Guidelines Updated

The parents’ packet you received by mail in August included a number of updates, including a few important new student rules. Refer to your packet for full details, but here are a few recaps:

  • Tardy Policy

    We understand that your daughter may sometimes be late to school. She might oversleep, miss her bus or have a non-school appointment. Life happens. We get that.

    However, students who make a habit of coming to school after the morning bell can really disrupt classes. They also can make extra work for themselves and for their teachers, who may try to help catch up your daughter on what she missed.

    To remind girls that being on time for school is important, students who compile six or more tardies in a single semester will be required to attend a modest, 30-minute detention period.

    Exceptions: If your daughter is late to school due to an appointment with a medical or mental health professional, just have her bring to the attendance office a signed note from her health professional. If she has a note, we won’t mark her tardy.

  • Volunteering at Outdoor School

    St. Mary’s girls make enthusiastic, caring Outdoor School (OS) counselors. We fully support our students’ desire to guide middle schoolers through this milestone experience. However, students who serve as OS counselors also miss a minimum of a full week of classes. At an academically challenging school like SMA, that isn’t easy.

    As a result, SMA students who want to volunteer at OS must show that they are academically prepared to miss school and make it up. We don’t want our students to experience the stress of falling behind in their classwork.

    Students volunteering at OS must now have:

    • A cumulative 2.75 GPA
    • Grades of C or better in all classes from the previous semester
    • Grades of C or better in all current classes
    • Good attendance record (eight or fewer absences in the last or current semester and three or fewer tardies).

If your daughter wants to be an OS volunteer in both the fall and spring of the current school year (Wow! She’s a super-counselor!), she’ll need to show:

  • Grades of C+ or higher for all classes from the previous semester, and
  • Grades of C+ or better in all of her current classes

Questions? Contact Patty Gorman, dean of students.