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OBOB Results!

This year our students hosted the Oregon Battle of the Books Regionals. Teams from 15 high schools around Oregon, along with their coaches, parents, and some friends were in attendance, with a total of about 150 people. Four of our students also competed. Although our team didn’t qualify to go on to the State Tournament, they performed very well in the battles (but as hostesses they should have received a trophy). They set up the rooms the night before, arrived early the day of competition to complete the setup, and then welcomed the guests. Without much instruction they performed every task and more. After, they then reset the classrooms and the Commons and cleaned without anyone asking. Compliments abounded from the guests, not because of the set up, but because of the graciousness of our girls. We want to acknowledge these girls for representing our school exceptionally.  You made us proud!

Ames Vincent, Hannah Wilker, Anna Ferrarini, Juliana Baychulis, Meylina Tran, Isabella Ferruzzi, Nayantara Arora, Claire Hambuchen, Lucy Miller, Becky Summit, Grace Getner, Cameron Santiago, Tori Mozdy, Nhu Nguyen, Meylina Tran, Meylina Tran, Maxine Deibele, and Serena Johnson.

Much appreciation also goes to the St. Mary’s Academy Parent Volunteers who assisted in the battles and supported their girls. Thank you!