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Latin Forum

On Saturday, November 19, the language and customs of the Ancient Romans were again revived in the halls of Reed College for the annual Latin Forum. More than fifty St. Mary’s Latin and Honors World History students, some of their parents, and St. Mary’s teachers attended the event. Attendees began the day with a traditional college lecture on What Makes a Roman?  Material Culture, Identity, and “Romanization” given by Reed professor Thomas Landvatter.

The lecture was followed by a discussion group lead by Reed Classics students and lunch. In the afternoon, St. Mary’s students attended two seminars on such subjects as Being a Stoic in Ancient Rome (and Today), Dwarfs, Giants, and Sleeping Dragons: Latin Education in the Post-Roman World, Those Thieving Romans: Stealing, Plagiarizing, Copying, and Appropriating in Roman Culture, and the timely political topic How to Get Elected in Republican Rome and Political Animals: Donkeys and Elephants through Roman Eyes.

Student attendance at the seminars was optional, but many students appreciated the diverse seminar topics. Junior Kytan Van noted she attended the Latin Forum because, “It is like a free college tour while learning about Roman culture. What I especially liked was the individual seminars where I could somewhat choose what I wanted to learn.”

Junior Maeve Nagel-Frazel noted, “I’ve attended the Latin Forum at Reed College for the past three years. Each year I’ve enjoyed meeting other Latin students from the northwest, as well as attending superb seminars led by Reed College professors. I’ve returned from the Latin Forum excited and invigorated about Latin.”

Faculty attending this year included Alexis Lund, current Honors World History teacher, Joan Nyland, subbing for Latin Teacher Ben Peterson (attending a national foreign language teacher’s conference), and former St. Mary’s Latin teacher Michael Reinbold. All are shown below with Dr. Walter Englert, Classics Professor at Reed.