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Seeking Newsletter Editors

It has been an amazing four years serving as Newsletter Editors for St. Mary’s Academy, but our daughters are graduating and it’s time to allow some new parents to take over for us as our lives move on. We seek 3-4 people to take over the reins and keep the newsletter running smoothly! Ideally, the editors will stay on for several years, but this is not a requirement. The minimum term required is one school year. The positions needed are as follows:

Primary Web Editor: This person is responsible for maintaining the email and web aspect of the Newsletter.

Primary Copy Editor: This person is responsible for doing all of the copyediting and proofreading of the articles that are written for the Newsletter.

Secondary editors (1-2): These editors serve as backup to the Web Editor and the Copy Editor. One of the Secondary Editors (if there are two) will attend monthly Parent Association meetings and report back to the Primary Editors regarding anything related to the Newsletter.

Requirements and job descriptions:

These positions require a time commitment. The time required as editors is often enough to satisfy all financial aid hours.

Web Editor: The Web Editor sends reminder emails to all faculty regarding the articles due for the Newsletter and maintains the calendar setting the due dates and publication dates. This person also maintains the WordPress page where the Newsletter is housed, including uploading all completed articles to the final page, sending it out for approval, publishing, and sending to the parent body. The Web Editor works with the SMA Communications department to acquire the emails lists and alerts them of any updates The Web Editor position requires experience with and the ability to maintain and distribute email lists, and experience with WordPress platforms. Experience with copyediting is also a plus. Familiarity and ability to use Dropbox is required.

Copy Editor: The Copy Editor is responsible for editing all of the articles (usually 10-15 per issue) that come in from the faculty for clarity and formatting according to MLA standards, and according to the Newsletter style sheet. The Copy Editor position requires experience with editing and proofreading. Attention to detail is a must. The ideal candidate will value consistency in style. Pickiness is actually a plus for this job. Familiarity and ability to use Dropbox is required.

Secondary Editors: This job could be for one or two people. These editors serve as assistants to the primary editors should the need arise. Some months editing can be quite a time commitment. if other personal commitments require the editors’ attention, the secondary editors step in to help. Familiarity and ability to use Dropbox is required. One of the Secondary Editors attends the monthly Parent Association meetings and reports back to the editors any necessary information for the Newsletter.

Every job requires a person who works well with others and on a small cohesive team, as well the ability to communicate well, both in person and in writing.

To apply, please submit an email of interest to Include which position you are interested in applying for, as well as experience in the preferred job. The deadline to apply is March 15. We will contact qualified candidates by March 31.

Thank you.

The SMA Newsletter Editing Team