Academic News


Quarter 2 Progress Reports will be sent home electronically on or before December 5. Progress Reports provide parents with their daughter’s current overall quarter grade and comments from teachers regarding her academic status. Mid-quarter reports provide a academic touch base and time for students to work toward raising their grades prior to semester finals. Progress Reports are sent home for all students earning C- or lower grades. Families who do not have an email address will receive their progress reports in the mail.

Homework Guidelines for Christmas Break and End of First Semester

Parents and students often ask about the assignments given over the Christmas vacation and how teachers prepare their students for final exams. Below are the guidelines for this at St. Mary’s:

  1. Teachers will not give homework during Christmas vacation (except AP classes);
  2. At least six school days before exam week begins, teachers provide students exam information and/or exam review sheets;
  3. As a final assessment, teachers are asked to either give an exam or a paper/project, but not both;
  4. Teachers provide a minimum of one long block review day during the last four days of the second and fourth quarters. Many students believe that the week before finals is considered a “dead week.” To clarify, no new material is presented during these last four days; the focus of work is review or paper/project preparation. This does not mean no work is assigned;
  5. All papers and projects are due before the four days when exam review begins, except those papers and projects that are the final exam;
  6. No field trips are planned during January unless they are limited to the teacher’s individual class.