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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule

Conferences are scheduled for November 9 and 10, from 4:30 to 8:00 p.m. Please keep an eye out for more detailed information.

The two days are divided by alphabet. Families with last names beginning with A-L are scheduled for Wednesday, November 9, and last names beginning with M-Z are scheduled for Thursday, November 10.

If you have more than on daughter at St. Mary’s, you may combine your conferences and come on one evening. As always, if your schedule does not permit you to come on the assigned day, you are welcome to come on the day that is most convenient. Although we have no make-up day for conference, parents are always welcome to contact teachers directly with questions or to schedule a meeting. If you cannot attend conferences, first quarter grade reports will be mailed home.

Conferences are arena-style with teachers on the third floor in the Commons, Cafeteria, and classrooms. Grade reports are passed out in the front hall and then parents may choose which teachers to see and que up to their individual tables.

Preparing for Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences provide a valuable occasion to share insights and information about your daughter and participate in her education. By mid October you, the teacher and your daughter all have a better understanding of her strengths as they relate to the courses.  As conferences approach, you might want to do your homework in gathering information that will make the time with her teachers more productive:

Are there patterns in your daughter’s school work that offer insights into what works well for her and how she learns? Where are her likely stumbling blocks to learning? What has proved troublesome in the past? Are some kinds of assignments (such as writing or presentations) more difficult than others? Are there some relevant problems from her previous school years (long-term projects, easily distracted) or any new struggles you see emerging? Better yet, have you noticed improvement in areas that used to be difficult?

Is there a classroom strategy previous teachers have used that helped your daughter be successful?

What is your daughter saying about her academics or her relationships with her teacher and classmates that would be helpful for the teacher to know? Is there anything that your daughter would like you to ask or cover at the conference?

Since time at conferences is limited, it is helpful to select the most important points you’d like to discuss with the teacher. Take some notes with you if that is helpful. Remember that teachers are always reachable by email and can meet with parents for a scheduled follow-up appointment if necessary. Our Counseling Department can also be a helpful resource for answers to questions and to address special needs.

Conferences are a time when teachers and parents can collaborate and share in the education of the young women at St. Mary’s Academy. It is a partnership between you as experts on your daughters and teachers as professionals in their field.