Student Life News

Eating at SMA

Have your daughters mentioned the improved cafeteria options at SMA? Seriously, Beth and Molly, our food service gurus, have “upped their game” to provide an array of great, healthy, reasonably priced choices for eating in the school cafeteria. Some of you may remember sorry café offerings at your high school: stale burgers, dry pizza, gluey mac and cheese, and such. Today your daughters don’t have to visit food carts for tasty food!

For less money (and time) they can have a variety of inventive and nutritious options. They can choose the “grab and go” salad options: Greek salad, pasta salad, curry chickpea salad, as well as fruit cups, and veggie and humus offerings. And of course there are sandwiches and inventive wraps. Yes, they can still buy pizza and burgers, but pizza now comes with healthier options: chicken and pesto, or veggie toppings. On any given day Beth has vegetarian and gluten-free options for your daughters. As we head into colder weather, they can also take advantage of hot meals such as reasonably-priced peanut chicken on rice or vegetarian burritos.

Furthermore, the morning break has become a hotbed of activity. We know girls don’t often each much breakfast in the early morning. Molly, Beth’s assistant, has lent her expertise as a pastry chef to our offerings. Her scones rival anything you can get in downtown shops, flaky and delicious! Girls can now purchase a quiche on one day and baked French toast on another. In addition, the purchase of a commercial blender has enabled these cooks to offer fruit smoothies on a daily basis. Yum!

Finally, yes, fresh baked cookies are back, once a week, on Wednesday. The aroma wafts through the building all morning. And she has plans for even more improvements, perhaps a credit/debit system for ease of purchasing. Beth has done such a marvelous job of working with Whole Foods and other sources to find innovative, healthy recipes for your daughters. When they don’t bring their own lunches, know that we have great alternatives on site, at a reasonable price. Have your daughters give it a try!