Academic News

May News from Nicole

Preview of the 2016-17 Calendar 

A draft of the academic calendar for 2016-17 will be posted on the St. Mary’s Academy website in the next month. In the meantime, here are some dates that will NOT change:

First day for freshmen: August 29

First day for all students: August 31

Christmas Break: December 19, 2016 to January 2, 2017

Spring Break March 27 — 31, 2017

Please do not hesitate to contact Nicole Foran if you have additional questions.

Senior Assembly

Our senior assembly tradition continues and will take place on Friday, May 27. This assembly is meant for students, and the seating is very tight in our auditorium. If visitors plan on attending, you will most likely be asked to stand in the front hall. We look forward to celebrating our seniors as a community during Baccalaureate Mass on Friday, June 3, and at graduation on Saturday, June 4.


Each family received 25 tickets for graduation. If you need additional tickets or need to arrange for special accommodations, please contact Pat Thurston in the main office.

Final Exams  

The following is excerpted from the St. Mary’s Student-Parent Handbook, page 14. As the end of the year approaches, reviewing the information is always helpful:

Final exams have a direct bearing on the student’s semester grades. All students are expected to take final exams as scheduled at the end of each semester. However all accounts must be current in order for students to take exams. Students absent from the first exam of the day may NOT take the second exam of the day. Only in cases of serious personal illness, hospitalization, a death, or emergency in the family will finals be rescheduled. If exams must be rescheduled for other reasons, a fee of $25 per exam may be incurred. The Academic Counselor or Assistant Principal of Student Life must be notified well in advance. Family vacations and trips need to be scheduled after exams are completed.

Senior Final Exams

A senior may be exempt from second semester final exams in a particular class if she meets the following criteria:

  • Has an A or A- average for the semester in the class.
  • Has had five or fewer absences in the class.
  • Has had three or fewer tardies in the class.
  • Has not taken more than one regular test later than the rest of the class.
  • Has not been truant for any part of a day.
  • All detention must be served.
  • Cheating and or plagiarism in any class will result in all exams being taken.

Exceptions must be cleared in advance with Assistant Principal of Student Life.

If a teacher decides the subject matter of a class necessitates all students taking the final exam, the teacher is not required to exempt a student from the exam.

The teacher of an Advanced Placement class will decide whether students in the class will take a final as well as the AP exam.

Final exams are a vital and valuable part of closing an academic year. St. Mary’s faculty takes time in preparing and evaluating finals that allow students to demonstrate their knowledge in both traditional and creative ways. Your daughter’s participation in this final assessment is an important aspect of her academic experience.