Student Activities

Urban Survival Camp

Ever wonder how your high school child will survive and thrive once they leave the comforts of home?  So did we, until now…

Come join us for the inaugural Urban Survival Camp right here in Portland (U.S.C.…that’s right U.S.C.) tailored exclusively for rising high school sophmores, juniors, high school seniors, and college freshmen. U.S.C. provides your child with the some of the necessary skills to independently survive in the 21st century. Headquartered in the Pearl District, our four day camp offers a variety of hands on skills taught by local experts. We will provide a series of experiential and team-oriented sessions over four days ranging from basic first-aid, to banking, to changing a tire, to surviving dorm life, to cooking, to creating a resume, and more.

There will be a ‘Graduation’ party on Day Four to review what the students have learned and to celebrate with new friends. There will be a survival handbook and schwag for all (tattoos and piercings not included).

Sessions include:

o  First aid/health care

o  Self defense

o  Indoor fix-it skills

o  Basic automotive skills

o  Food prep, cooking and eating healthy

o  Basic finance

o  Launching a job search

o  Prepping for dorm life

Interested? Click here for more info:

–Lucie Meier, Riverdale class of 2017, Stella Meier 8th grader, and Eric Meier, parent