Academic News

Exciting New Course Offerings for 2016-2017

You may have noticed new courses in the 2016-2017 Course Catalog. They were introduced to students through the forecasting process in TA. We wanted to highlight them for you here. New courses at St. Mary’s are designed and proposed as a part of a thorough study that emphasizes student needs, interests, and department efforts to keep curriculum relevant and authentic.

Social Science is introducing a new semester World Geography course for freshman. The world is shrinking in terms of the interconnectedness in so many way. Understanding the relationship of our world geographically supports our understanding of relationships of place, movement, and human-environment interactions. Following an introduction to the discipline and basics of world geography, students will analyze the physical and human conditions of various parts of the world using the approach of major realms and regions as noted by world geographers. Paired with each realm will be a case study of one major global issue closely tied to that region.

The Math Department is also introducing a new course designed specifically in response to student interest and their need for a more vigorous full year course that incorporates but is not limited to Statistics. Advanced Functions and Statistics served as an alternative to pre-Calculus and covers introductory statistics, survey design, and experimental design. More work with advanced functions and trigonometry is included for those students may take Pre-Calculus the following year. The course draws from a variety of applications including those involving the arts and humanities.

In addition to structuring a Fine Arts foundational rotation for freshmen that includes one quarter each of visual art, dance, theatre, and music, the Fine Arts Department is offering a Ukulele class which will support students in learning not only basic ukulele skills but musical literacy in general. Students will study and perform varied repertoire, improvise, write their own musical compositions, and create their own final group performance.