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SMA Theatre News!

It has been a fun and busy winter for the theatre department so far! We are deep into rehearsals for our annual spring musical Disney’s The Little Mermaid, we have inducted a new group of thespians, and have taken our first group of actors and technicians to regional competitions for the first time in more than 15 years! Check out what we’ve been up to below.

Behind the scenes of The Little Mermaid

We want to give you a quick inside look of what we are up to as we prepare our musical.

Students of the theatre department meet every Saturday from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. to engage in set construction and lighting design. Our technical director Demetri Pavlatos works with students to read construction drawings and utilize the appropriate tools to build the set. Guest teaching artist Amy Morel has also been teaching students how to hang and focus stage lights.

Senior Ivy Long says, “I always welcome the chance to learn new construction and technical skills that I can use when I do professional work in the theatre. Plus, I think it will always come in handy to know how to use power tools.”

Sophomore Mary Butzer agrees, and goes even further saying, “Another thing about set construction is it’s incredibly empowering to see your work and your progress actually being used for something.”