February Visual Arts News

Gallery Visit Projects

Freshman Gallery Visit Projects from first semester Visual Arts classes are on display in Junior Hall until February 19. Students have done fabulous work replicating artwork seen in Portland’s galleries during the month of November. Check it out!

2016 Scholastic Art Awards

Congratulations to award recipients and to 48 students who entered 195 individual pieces and eight senior portfolios from St. Mary’s Academy this year. There were 11 Gold Key, 17 Silver Key, and 31 Honorable Mention awards for individual pieces and 1 Gold Key and 1 Silver Key portfolio. We are proud of you!

61 artworks by these 26 students were recognized:

Sonja Bales                 3 Gold + 2 Honorable Mention

Lumi Barron                4 Gold + 3 Silver + 4 Honorable Mention Gold and Silver portfolios

Maya Bennett             2 Honorable Mention

Natalie Briare              1 Honorable Mention

Hanna Brush               1 Silver

Claire Coleman           1 Silver + 1 Honorable Mention

Stevie Dod                   1 Honorable Mention

Jean Elliott                  1 Silver

Rose Gibian                2 Gold

Malia Hee                    1 Silver

Nissa Jensen                2 Honorable Mention

Lilly Landis-Croft       2 Silver

Luciana Lenth             1 Honorable Mention

Jhanea Massier            1 Honorable Mention

Pepper Mionske          1 Silver + 3 Honorable Mention

Bernadette Phan         1 Honorable Mention

Remy Rogers              1 Silver + 3 Honorable Mention

Emma Rosenthal         1 Gold + 1 Honorable Mention

Lucy Sagoo                  1 Honorable Mention

Sydney Stark              1 Gold + 1 Silver +1 Honorable Mention

Mia Truman                 1 Silver + 1 Honorable Mention

Natalie Ware               3 Silver

Julia White                  1 Honorable Mention

Olivia Wilson              1 Silver + 1 Honorable Mention

Devyn Wilson             1 Gold

Phoebe Woofter          1 Silver + 3 Honorable Mention

Portland Metro Scholastic Art Award Gold Key exhibit (with 8 pieces by SMA students) on display at PNCA, 511 NW Broadway February 1-19. Viewing hours: 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Opening reception at PNCA 1st Thursday, February 4, 4:00-7:00 p.m.

Special Awards Ceremony for Gold Key recipients:

Wednesday, February 17, 6:30 p.m. – Rehearsal at 4:30 p.m.

Portland Art Museum, Grand Ballroom

OCAC High School Exhibition – February 25 – March 10, 2016

Arthur DeBow, curator of the Hoffman Gallery at Oregon College of Art and Craft, was very impressed with the work that he saw from St. Mary’s students. He finally decided on work from Krista Baldwin ’16, Sonja Bales ’16, Lumi Barron ’16, Natalie Briare ’16, Claire Coleman ’17, Rose Gibian ’17, Malia Hee ’16, and Emily Hery ’16.

Senior Art Shows on display in Junior Hall

February 22 – March 4:  Madeleine Farmer and Emily Hery

March 7 – 18: Sydney Stark, Kai Tamashiro, Devyn Wilson

NAHS SPRING PLANT SALE: February 22 – March 11

This fundraiser benefits the NAHS National Art Honor Society.

Pick up for plants is Saturday, April 16, at St. Michael’s parking lot at 1:00 p.m. ALL orders must be picked up that afternoon. There is no storage for unclaimed orders. Please print information carefully on order forms, and check calculations before writing the check to St. Mary’s Academy. Payment must accompany the order.

Access the order form here: NAHS ORDER FORM

Check the website for pictures of the plants:


Order from the following NAHS members (or send orders with your daughter to Ms. Mitchell in G-2):

Krista Baldwin

Sonja Bales

Lumi Barron

Maya Bennett

Natalie Briare

Karmen Clark

Camille Dupeyroux

Jean Elliott

Margot Flynn

Rose Gibian

Caroline Hall

Malia Hee

Emily Humes

Annie Jamison

Nicole Panet-Raymond

Bernadette Phan

Emma Rosenthal

Otillia Schreuder

Sydney Stark

Annie Tamashiro

Mia Truman

Natalie Ware

Caleigh Warner

Devyn Wilson

Phoebe Woofter


2016 Sala Kryszek Art Competition sponsored by the Oregon Holocaust Resource Center

Creative Prompt

To thoughtfully respond to the prompt, carefully consider these questions:
How could the Holocaust happen in a country like Germany, a country with abundant education and people who achieved great advancements in science, art, music, literature and philosophy? Do you think that something like this still happens in the world today? What steps can you take now and in the future to offset these events from taking place?

The Prompt

Using what you have learned about the Holocaust, create a piece of writing or a work of visual art that reflects your response to the above questions. Visual art submissions require a brief ‘artist statement’ of one or two sentences describing your association between Holocaust history and the artwork you created in response to the prompt.

To participate, create a work of art illustrating how one’s perspective and actions can be altered by a specific experience, whether inspired by Holocaust studies or some other relevant event.

Any flat media no larger than 18” X 24” will be accepted.  Artwork must be mounted or matted for easel display. Cash prizes and grand prize trip to Washington, D.C. Deadline is March 18, 2016. More information at http://www.ojmche.org/educate/education/sala-kryszek-art-writing

Questions? Email Kathy Mitchell at kathy.mitchell@smapdx.org

Scholastic Gold Medal Winners