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Updates to Technology Policy

We are making a few changes to the technology policy (a.k.a. responsible use policy or RUP) for second semester to provide more specific details to what had been general policies.  Updates are bolded below.

  1. When a student has a damaged iPad they are to bring their iPad to the Tech Office as soon as possible for repair/replacement and any recommendations regarding the case for the device.
    1. Parents and students are notified of responsibilities related to the damage and repair.
    2. Students will be issued a loaner iPad to use during the school day. They will return it to the Tech Office by 4pm and pick it up fully charged at 7:30am the next morning.
    3. When the repair fee is paid (with a new case if needed), a replacement iPad will be issued.
  2. Mary’s current internet filters allow some flexibility for student use of iPads for entertainment off campus (i.e. games, social networking, and streaming video/music). Parents have the option to limit such access at home. Please check with Tech Help @ SMA for more information or with teachers for questions about whether specific Apps are needed for class work.
  3. Student and Parents agree to the School’s Responsible Use Policy at the beginning of each School year. For instances where students violate the Responsible Use, the following consequences are in place specific to iPad use:
    1. First instance – Student and parent are notified of the violation, student is given instructions on how to correct and RUP is reviewed
    2. Second instance – Parents, student and administration are notified. Details of violation are provided along with instructions on how to correct. At minimum, restrictions will be placed on the iPad for one week.

If a student continues to choose to disregard the RUP, further consequences may result from that choice, including:  loss of the device from one week at minimum to the remainder of the semester at maximum.

In all instances, a student’s academic work will not be impacted.  Teachers will be asked to make accommodations for alternate ways to access course materials or complete and submit assignments.

Please note:  Schoology is web-based and available from any computer, laptop or other device that accesses the internet.

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